The Blind Owl

by Dinero

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This album was released during the "Blood Moon" of 2014


released April 15, 2014

This record was recorded In Greeley by Damon Smith. Colin Desormeaux is on the low end guitar, keys, and singing. Dave Schutz is on the trap kit, various percussive devices, and singing. Mike Wing is on the high end guitar and singing. Damon Smith also did some back-ups and percussion. The cover art is by Mike and Lori Wing. The songs are written by Mike Wing and Dinero and are intended to spark public outrage.



all rights reserved


Dinero Fort Collins, Colorado

Dinero is Spanish for money. Money is American for power. We have little of either, but we’ve got plenty to say about it. Blessed with brains too big in skulls too thick, we slog through all possible iterations of what is American rock, from freaking out the folk tradition a la Minutemen, Meat Puppets and Roky to aping the relatively wholesome stuff of the Creedence/ZZ Top/Flamin’ Groovies mold. ... more


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Track Name: Bad Ass Street Machine
I got a bad ass street machine
Its not to pretty but its really mean
Its kinda ugly gonna run you down
So get out of the way

You think you know me but have know idea
Strange crazy and a little weird
Your never ever gonna understand
So don't even try

Things will happen and you won't know
Creep threw your back screen door
Things will never be the same again
Track Name: What Did I Do?
They walk these streets or they're alone in black cars
And their on top of old buildings where the gargoyles sit
Carved in stone and covered in bird shit

And they're in the basements breathing in asbestos
Tuning in old radios, the stations play the same song
You can feel the eyes of the cob-webbed flies
Your being watched so you start to apologize

What did I do?
Track Name: Boogie Woogie On The Backs Of The Working Poor
Not everyone's got the will
And some don't get the same chance
And some don't even have the right
But your just now learning to dance

Your getting good at doing the hustle
The shimmy shake, the jerk, the boogaloo
Getting down on the latin tango
While they boogie on the backs of the working poor

The streets are filling up with desparate people
They're marginalized, hungry, lied to, confused
Lock the gates cuz you might not be safe
Then do the worry cause they're coming after you

Boogie woogie on the backs of the working poor

Not everyone gets the same breaks
Broken homes, bones, hearts, all mental and sick
Dirty words, dirty clothes, dirty words, dirty jobs
And your just now doing the dance

Your getting good the hustle, the shake , the fly, the bump, the watusi too
Watch the robot do the twist while they boogie on the backs of the working poor

Boogie woogie on the backs of the working poor
Track Name: The Blind Owl
This machine won't make me no more money
That is not what it's designed to do
But it can make you feel better

It doesn't need a lot of power
It creates it's own energy too
and it won't harm the face of the moon

Nobody uses just like you do
And nobody sees it just the same
So just don't think about yourself

Just reach up and grab the throttle
You can even push a button too
Just plug it in and watch it move
Track Name: Light Comes From Fire
If you can't explain it, then it might not be true
But I will take your word for it and try to prove you wrong
It was written in the books and sung in the songs
But the melody wasn't pretty enough for folks to sing along

You see what you see and you know what you saw
A ghost inside a u.f.o. and Jesus on some toast

Mother Mary's crying her plastic colors fading
And Jesus wrote the constitution born of virgin mother
When your dead and your dying head into the light
There's a light in the sky there's a lamp on the table
There's matches in the drawer
Light comes from fire
Travels through wire
Push a button pull a switch I'm calling you a liar
Track Name: Ghetto Cars
Yep, the streets are safe enough
Don't worry about the holes and the cracks in the holes
Cause there's a new trick in the mix
So there is no point in getting all this shit fixed

They're gonna get you babe

When the ghetto cars start rolling
You get the feeling that there's something gonna happen
When the ghetto cars start rolling
Keeping an eye on whats going down

A distant scream for help
Surely somebody heard something
It's happening all around you
Who's gonna clean this shit up

It happens below the surface
It's moving and changing and crackling and bubbling
It's gonna split this thing all up
And you can go with them
Or you can come with us
Track Name: The Bottom Wrung
Let's fight for the bottom wrung
And leave the song unsung
The words just didn't make sense
So we put up a wall and surrounded it by fence

Lets fight for the bottom wrung
Can't reach without stepping on someone
Stand if I could get a leg up
I don't need much

We worked so hard now all we see
Is the hand of god that's reaching for us

The only thing that we would ever need
There's no longer need for dreams
We've changed our point of view
We take care of me, let's not worry about you

We loved the view so much, we really couldn't think of anything else
Except a beautiful source of light
A beautiful source of light
That left us all cause to fight